Discover Decathlon Coach app'

DECATHLON COACH is a mobile application, to track your sport session, live, either you are in a training programm or for a free session.

Launch the app' when you begin a session and follow your pace, the distance, calories burned, your GPS route etc ...

Finally, if you get an heart rate belt bluetooth smart, visualize your heartrate and your effort zone, to run at the right pace : YOUR pace !

When you launch the app', you reach the connexion page. Your login is the sem as you account on


At the bottom left of your screen you click on the home page to access the menu


This screen, begin a "free" session, when you want, as you want !

In the home, scroll down to the "free session" tab and select a sport. At the top right, you can choose which indicators you want to see continuously during your session.

The second screen allows you to keep track of your GPS route.

Training in progress

Visible only if you entered a programm, you can easily find your training and the sessions to come.

You can find it in the "Home" tab.


here you have access to all our training programms of our different sports.

According to your goal : begin or resume running, lose weight, prepare a race or a trail, you choose what most fits you.

Depending on the number of sessions per week, the number of weeks and your specific goal, specify your days and OFF YOU GO!


Sessions history

You can find all the sessions you have done by clicking on "All my sessions".


Global visibility on the regularity of your sports activity by clicking on "All my statistics".

The total of a specific period and the possibility to compare 2 sessions.

My weight

Here are all your physiological data that you have entered. You can access it by clicking on "All my weights".

Discover also...

In this new version, you can find the community directly by clicking on "Discover" in your settings, you will be directed to the decathlon coach website.

You can interact your friends registred and the global DECATHLON COACH community, and it's here that you find the challenges we offer !