In order to function, the Decathlon Coach app' needs more resources (GPS, processor, bluetooth ...), compared to other apps (message, mail etc ...) to perform a session.

Who says resources, says battery.

However, since Android 6, and especially on Samsung phones, battery saving systems label "Decathlon Coach" negatively and either untimely shut down the entire application or some options like the GPS.
As a result, the application fails and / or your tracking is inaccurate or non-existent in your summary.

In order to make the most of your application, I invite you to remove the battery saving system during your sessions.
To do so, Guillaume, our Software Engineer, has made you :

- a little tutorial for your smartphone on Android 7

- another tutorial if you are under Android 6

Note: Depending on your phone model and Android version, the menus may be slightly different
→ Parameter (small gear)
→ device maintenance / battery and energy saving
→ click: battery / battery usage
→ check Decathlon coach (or first ignore the optimizations then check Decathlon coach)

Team Decathlon Coach