How do I use a cardio belt with Decathlon Coach?

If you want to make progress and achieve specific results, a cardio belt is our best bet. Thanks to DECATHLON COACH, you can benefit from this both during and after each session. You will thus be able to monitor your training and progress.

A cardio belt is an essential tool for runners or walkers looking to make progress. It will enable you to monitor your heart rate, an essential indicator during exercise. This is our favourite accessory, which indicates the power of your engine!

The DECATHLON COACH app is compatible with the Bluetooth Smart cardio belt, Kalenji cardio t-shirt and bra and Suunto, Runtastic, Polar and Sigma cardio products. Ensure you check compatibility when buying your cardio belt.


In order to work properly, your muscles need oxygen and energy. They also need to eliminate the toxins produced during exercise. It is your heart that does this by making your blood circulate more quickly through your body. This is the role of the cardio-vascular system. In simple terms, if you want to make progress in training and performance, you also need to train your heart.

Because, just like all the other muscles in your body, the heart needs to be trained to become stronger and more efficient. Proper training also involves teaching your body to work better. And to do so, you need to make it work at both low (between 80 and 120 beats per minute on average) and high heart rates (over 160 bpm on average). It will thus get stronger and more efficient during sport, but also when resting. All good, right?

But how do you know if you are training your heart properly? This is exactly what a cardio belt allows you to measure.


A cardio belt measure the intensity of your effort easily and simply. It thus helps you improve your training and make real progress. That's precisely why Decathlon Coach bases its programmes on your cardio %. Your cardio % is 0 when you are at rest and 100 when your heart reaches its maximum heart rate.

Your heart rate is therefore the best indicator for optimal management of your training and simple assessment of your physical fitness: ensuring the right intensity for your objective, optimal burning of fat, management of effort during a race, recovery, fatigue and overtraining projection.

A classic beginners' error is often to run too fast, getting quickly exhausted. You then need to run or walk at the pace that your heart allows, using exercises to train it to accelerate gradually. A cardio belt thus helps you to train properly and achieve the expected results. There are just so many reasons to get one!


A cardio belt is really simple to use. It communicates with GPS watches and Apple and Android smartphones using Bluetooth Smart, wireless technology which uses very little energy.

The DECATHLON COACH app is compatible with the Bluetooth Smart cardio belt, Kalenji cardio t-shirt and bra and Suunto, Runtastic, Polar and Sigma cardio products. Check compatibility when buying your cardio belt.

When you start your workout, use a little water to dampen the sensors on your cardio belt, set the belt on your chest and press the button to start it. In the settings menu of the DECATHLON COACH app, click on 'PRODUCTS', then 'CARDIO SENSOR' and finally 'CONNECT MY SENSOR', following the instructions. DECATHLON COACH will then display your heart rate throughout your workout


After your training session, you can then view all your heart rate measurements in the app and on the website. You will then be able to analyse the evolution of your heart rate according to your speed, the height profile, route or your fatigue. DECATHLON COACH shows you the evolution and concordance of each element throughout your training.

DECATHLON COACH also indicates in which cardiac zone you have run or walked. Check that you are training properly in the right zone for your objective, as recommended in our training programmes. Make progress more easily and avoid fatigue linked to training unsuitable for your capacities and starting objectives. It's all about your heart!

As you can see, the DECATHLON COACH app and your cardio belt will quickly become essential for more efficient sport sessions. In order to use it, download the Decathlon Coach app, available totally free of charge from the App Store and Play Store.

Team Decathlon Coach