Which connected products are compatible with Decathlon Coach ?

Do you have a connected product and do you use the Decathlon Coach app? This article is for you! We will explain everything about these products and why connection may (sometimes) be unsuccessful :)


Connected products collect precious data to monitor your sports activities and improve performance.

These include cardio belts, watches and scales.

Cardio belts or HRM and watches make it possible to measure your heart rate in real time and on average after exercise. This is a physiological value which provides the best reflection of what is happening within your body: emotions, level of fitness, intensity of effort. To provide you with optimal support, our coaching programmes are based precisely on what we call cardio %.

As for the scales, they enable you to measure your weight, set yourself goals and, above all, achieve them and stay motivated.


Watches and heart rate monitors

Decathlon Coach is compatible with all sensors or watches that work with standard BLE technology ;)

Here are some of the devices that you can link to Decathlon Coach as a cardio sensor.

  • Decathlon BLE HR Belt
  • Kalenji HR500
  • HRB500

If you have another Decathlon device, you can link it to your phone using the Decathlon Connect app. Unfortunately, it won't be compatible with Decathlon Coach.

If the connection fails, you should contact the brand of your product.

SCALE 700 connected scales

DECATHLON COACH is compatible with the Scale 700 connected scales. It measures your weight, body fat and water, muscle and bone mass,BMI and basal metabolic rate.

Just go to the settings of the DECATHLON COACH app to link your scales to your profile. You can then set yourself a target. If you want to lose weight, set yourself a body mass percentage reduction target. Each time you weigh yourself, your physiological data dashboard will be updated.

DECATHLON COACH will then show you your weight and mass curves and you will then be able to observe the impact of your training directly. Seeing the curves drop and get closer to your target will be a new source of motivation. The app will then calculate your energy needs to help you fine-tune your fitness and weight loss goals.