Decathlon Coach - What is it?

DECATHLON COACH is a global service including a mobile app, to track your real-time activity , within a training plans or during "free" session, and a website to go further in the analysis of your performances : comparison, pregression, statistics ...

DECATHLON COACH : What is it for ?

> I find training plans according to my goal, with specific advice.

> I can also improve my heart rate, speed or performance ...

> During free sessions or training sessions, I can mesure :

_ Speed

_ Distance

_ Calories

_ If I possess a bluetooth 4.0 cardio tracker, I visualize my effort zones to go at my own pace

> I also have the possibility to do an in-depth analysis on the website :

- I visualize, compare, analyze all my sessions

- I can track my progression and my personnal best, my statistics ...

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Decathlon Coach is coming soon on Chinese local Android Store

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