Shutdown, pauses and GPS error : maximize your application !

Lots of your Decathlon Coach operating errors are due to your power saving settings. If you have already turned these off, please still check that you have followed all the steps correctly! :)

To operate, the Decathlon Coach app needs much more power (GPS, processor, Bluetooth etc.) compared to certain apps (message, mail etc.) to perform a session.

And power means battery life.

However, since Android 6 came out, power saving systems label Decathlon Coach "negatively" and close down either the whole application, or certain options such as GPS, with unfortunate timing.
This means that the application "crashes" or it is automatically paused, and your route may be incorrect or non-existent in your summary.

The models that are most affected by this are the Samsung, Huawei, Honor and Xiaomi models.

To get the best out of your app, I recommend you follow these different tutorials to disable the power save settings.


Android 6 : tutoriel

Android 7 : tutoriel

Notes: depending on your phone and Android version, the menus can be slightly different.
→ Settings (small gear icon) 
→ Device settings/battery and power saver
→ click on: battery/battery use
→ check Decathlon Coach (or first ignore optimisations, then check Decathlon Coach)

Samsung Galaxy S8 - Android 8

→ Settings
→ Device maintenance
→ Battery
→ Non-monitored apps
→ Add
→ Decathlon Coach
→ Finish


Step 1:

Notes :

--> Settings
--> battery
--> Disable 2: Power save AND Power. Ultra
--> Gear settings icon at top right hand corner of the screen
--> Close energy-consuming apps : uncheck

Step 2:


--> Settings
--> Apps
--> Settings (at bottom of apps menu)
--> Specially authorised apps
--> Ignore battery optimisations
--> Authorize: All the apps
--> Decathlon Coach
--> Authorize: OK

Huawei P10 / EMUI - Android version : 8.0.0

Action 1: Manage the battery manually for Decathlon Coach

--> Settings
--> Applications
--> Decathlon Coach
--> Battery
--> At launch
--> Manage manually

Then authorise Decathlon Coach to ignore battery optimisation

--> Settings
--> Applications and notifications
--> Applications
--> Application special authorisations
--> Ignore battery optimisation
--> Decathlon Coach
--> Authorise: OK

Equipe Decathlon Coach