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Well done to you! if you're reading this article, it's probably, because you've decided to start doing sport thanks to the Decathlon Coach app, and you have a few questions.  In this article, we answer questions our users most frequently ask themselves, optimally enhancing their sports experience.

Q #1: how do you change a session's information?

To change a session's information, such as the session's type of sport, title or date: 

  1. Go to the Decathlon Coach app
  2. Go to “my follow-up” 
  3. Click on “all my sessions”
  4. Select the session to be changed
  5. Click on the bubble with 3 small dots in the top left-hand corner of your screen.
  6. Click on “edit session”
  7. If you need to, change the sport, then click on “next step” to change the title, date, time, the duration, then save. 
  8. Well done, your session is up to date!

Q #2: How do you enable and disable auto-pause?

There is in the Decathlon Coach a feature called "auto-pause".

Once activated, this helps to automatically pause your session in progress if your pace is below a certain threshold. In this situation, the application considers you have subsequently "stopped". Once your pace is greater than the minimum threshold, the app will resume as usual. 

  1. Go into the application settings
  2. Click on “session settings”
  3. Click on “auto-pause”
  4. Enable auto-pause

If you want to change the auto-pause settings during your sports session, click on the key icon on your screen and follow points 3 and 4 in the steps above.

FAQ #3: How do you set up talk back?

In the Decathlon Coach app, there is the option of having spoken notifications during your sports session.

Here is a video specifying how to set up talk back that you may need:

  1. Go into the app's settings
  2. Click on “session settings”
  3. Click on “vocal feedback”

From then on, you can: 

  1. Enable talk back and volume in “general”
  2. Set up coaching talk back
  3. Select talk back for the time or distance by clicking on “frequency” and set up the frequency at which you want to hear spoken notifications.

Please note! Sometimes talk back settings are done in your smartphone's settings (and not in the application). There are options allowing you to improve the app's speech synthesiser: 

For Android: it's here

For iOS: it's here

Q #4: How do you send your data to another website (in .GPX format)?

For sessions with GPS tracking, the Decathlon Coach app lets you export your sessions in standard GPX format compatible with most GPS activity analysis and sharing websites.

Several options are available to you:

- automatic connection/sync through the Hub

- export .GPX from the website

- import activities into D-Coach

For .GPX export from the website

  1. Go into the app's settings
  2. Click on “Programmers options”
  3. Click on “GPX tracking”
  4. Select the session of your choice

On the Decathloncoach.com website, go to the "Activities" tab, then to the session file you want to retrieve. Click on the "Actions" menu (positioned on the right-hand side of the session title) click on "Export in GPX format".

The file is then saved in your web browser's default download folder. 

How you get access to downloaded files from the internet will depend on your browser. The file often appears at the bottom of your web page or in the "downloads" menu of your internet browser.

You then just need to upload this file to the website of your choice.

Q #5: Why is the distance measured incorrect?

The quality of the satellite signal's reception is noticeably impacted by the setting and journeys.

The principle of GPS: The Global Positioning System (GPS) - and soon the European Galileo system - lets you know, to within a few metres, the position on land, at sea or in the air. To get located, a GPS must evaluate the time taken by the electromagnetic signals from the system's four satellites to reach it: it simultaneously deduces the three space coordinates of its position and the exact time. 

To facilitate reception, we recommend adhering, as much as possible, to the following best practice: 

1/ Before the session starts: 

- Position yourself in a clear space away from surrounding buildings and not under the cover of the trees.

- Switch on the product and start searching for the GPS signal. 

- The watch or phone must remain motionless during signal detection (between 5 seconds to 2 minutes). You subsequently have to wait until the GPS signal is detected (icon on the phone's status bar) before setting off.

- To optimise search, place your watch or phone on the ground to avoid interference with the body. 

2/ During the session: 

- Do not put the phone at the bottom of the bag. Position the screen facing out.

- If the distance measured is zero, it means the phone didn't find the GPS signal. 

- Check your app is not configured for an indoor sport. Actually, to save battery life and not have false distance data, the GPS is automatically switched off for indoor sports.

Q #6: How do you start a training program or a unique training session?

You'll find all our training plans as well as our unique training sessions on your mobile app's home page.

To find a unique session: 

  1. Click on "find a session"
  2. Select the sport.
  3. Select the category corresponding to your motivation.
  4. Click on the session of your choice. 

To find a programme: 

  1. Click on "all programs"
  2. Select the sport.
  3. Select the category corresponding to your motivation.
  4. Select a goal
  5. Click on the program of your choice.

Q #7: The elevation gain shown in Decathlon Coach is different from the elevation gain displayed in your product.

Don't worry, it's normal.

We chose to use GPS technology because it allows getting a good accuracy of the longitude/latitude position. However, it does not allow getting good accuracy for altitude measurement.

Decathlon Coach recalculates the elevation gain by using GPS tracking combined with a mapping database when you sync your sessions. It is more accurate to deduce altitude at each waypoint by using the longitude and latitude data combined with a mapping database instead of measuring it in real-time based on satellite data.

Q #8: How do you quickly launch a session you've already performed?

Is there a session you love doing? Do you want to redo it and save it in your favourites? This feature doesn't exist yet, but it's coming! Meanwhile, here is a quick tip to do your favourite(s) session(s) again! 

  1. Go to the Decathlon Coach app
  2. Go to “my follow-up”
  3. Click on “all sessions”
  4. Click on the session concerned
  5. Click on the link mentioning the name of the session (in blue) to access directly your session.

Q #9: How do you keep the screen on during an outdoor sports session?

  1. Go into the app's settings
  2. Click on “session settings”
  3. Click on “lock”
  4. Select “screen on” 

Q #10: I forgot my password / I want to change the password, how do I do it?

Have you forgotten your password or do you want to change it?

  1. Click on the button to connect yourself
  2. Enter the email address of your Decathlon account
  3. Click on “forgot password” and follow the instructions.

Q #11: I get a message when Decathlon Coach starts on the Apple Watch

This message may appear for various reasons: 

After configuring the pairing settings of your Apple Watch on your iPhone: it is displayed as “ON” in “Connectivity” in “Decathlon Coach”.

When disabling the Apple Health authorisations for Decathlon Coach: pairing with the Apple Watch is no longer possible. You will have to provide the authorisations again. 

To resolve this problem:

On your decathlon coach mobile app, make sure that all the authorisations are still properly provided for the Apple Watch.

To do this:

  1. Go into the app's settings
  2. Click on "connectivity": Apple Watch and Apple Health must be enabled as follows:


  1. Go to the Apple Health app
  2. Click on your profile icon, in "confidentiality", click on "Apps"
  3. Select "Decathlon Coach" 
  4. Click on "Disable all" and then on "Enable all" 
  5. Go back to the Decathlon Coach app on your Apple Watch: it should now work 👍

Find all the answers to your questions on the support website

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