Whatever your goal, DECATHLON COACH accompanies you via an adapted sport.

We don't go back to sport without soreness, you do not run 40 minutes non-stop during your first session, walking in the rain is frankly not funny, and improving your performance, well, we do not always know where to start !

Rest assured, we are all the same! :)

DECATHLON COACH is your sport's ally: ten sports enthusiasts and experts (running, walking, hydration / nutrition ...) with you to give you tips and training programms adapted to your sport, and all for free!

Power walking or running, find all our training plans, to follow on DECATHLON COACH app'.

Begin or resume running

With 2 or 3 session per week:

- Run 20min non-stop, in 6 weeks

- Run 30min non-stop, in 8 weeks

- Run 45min non-stop, in 4 weeks

Stay fit and loose weight

You have here, the possibility to "Lose Weight" :

Either you are already a sport enthusiast (running), beginner (running or power walking) or absolute beginner (power walking), you can lose 2 to 3kg (in 6 weeks) with 3 sessions per week.

Or to "Stay fit" by running : with 2 sessions per week (in 4 weeks)

Prepare a road race (running)

10km race:

- Completing a 10km race : in 8 weeks, with 3 sessions per week or in 6 weeks with 2 sessions per week.

- In 1h, in 6 weeks, with 2 sessions per week

- In 50min, in 6 weeks, 3 sessions per week.