Our training programs

Whatever your goal, DECATHLON COACH accompanies you via an adapted sport.

We don't go back to sport without soreness, you do not run 40 minutes non-stop during your first session, walking in the rain is frankly not funny, and improving your performance, well, we do not always know where to start !

Rest assured, we are all the same! :)

DECATHLON COACH is your sport's ally: ten sports enthusiasts and experts (running, walking, hydration / nutrition ...) with you to give you tips and training programms adapted to your sport, and all for free!

Power walking or running, find all our training plans, to follow on DECATHLON COACH app'.

Training programs: at a rate of 1, 2, 3 -> 7 sessions per week, over 4, 5, 6 -> 12 weeks, it is according to your goal that we coach you!


Our historical coach: Philippe Propage, international training of the French team of Trail likes to share his passion, from learning (I learn to run 15 min continuously), to the biggest challenge: Ultra-trail, he accompanies you in all your progress:

Start or take up again running: Learn to run 15, 20, 30min up to 1h continuously, and up to 5km.

Keep in shape and lose weight: from 2 to 5kg and fitness programs

Prepare for a race: from his first 5km to a marathon in less than 3 hours

Get ready for a trail race: from 20km to more than 100km

Improve your MAS: on the flat terrain, 3 sessions a week


Power walking:

-> Start: challenge, pleasure, endurance

-> Progress / Endurance: from 6km to 9km in 1h, motivation and sports challenge

-> Losing weight: from big beginner to intermediate level

-> My walking challenge: Every year we offer a Challenge over 4 weeks, depending on your level! :)

Nordic walking :

-> Start: Discovery, learn the basics, and fitness program

-> Progress / Endurance: challenge over 4 weeks

-> Lose weight: 2 sessions a week


Begin and male progress in pilates :

-> Challenge, Boosting your pilates practice

Fitness cardio

Jumping rope :

-> Goal 10 min continuous, 30min in circuit training, legs, fitness