What equipment do you need for nordic walking

You want to try Nordic walking? You don't need much equipment for this sport! A pair of poles, suitable Nordic walking shoes, sports clothing and a small backpack are all you need. So all you have to do now is get your equipment and start Nordic walking!

1 - Nordic walking poles

What are the most essential items of equipment for Nordic walking? The poles!Indeed, this sport relies on the use of two poles which is part of the walking movement. Nordic walking poles help to propel you forward and work your upper body.

Before learning Nordic walking techniques and the right movement, you need to know how to choose Nordic walking poles. Choose your poles according to your level. For beginners who walk once or twice a month, aluminium poles with a steel tip are sufficient.Regular walkers can try carbon poles with a tungsten point.

2 - Supple Nordic walking shoes

In Nordic walking the foot movement is specific and technical. There are 3 stages: setting down the heel, the foot motion and the propulsion of the toes. As a result, it is very important that Nordic walking shoes are sufficiently supple to move with your foot action.

If you walk on muddy or humid paths, don't forget grip to avoid slipping!

3 - Sports clothing

When you are starting out you don't need any particular clothing for Nordic walking. Choose light, comfortable sports clothing for your Nordic walking sessions. It is most important that you have freedom of movement for large actions: your outfit must not restrict your arm and shoulder movements.

Use fitting pants to avoid chafing (running tights in winter or light shorts in summer), a technical, breathable T-shirt, sports socks, a waterproof jacket if it looks like rain… and a cap and sunglasses if the sun's out!

4 - A small backpack

The backpack is the essential accessory for your Nordic walking sessions! For carrying a bottle of water and provisions for energy. Never forget to take water: good hydration is essential for any sport.

If you are a Nordic walking beginner, read the article about the 5 errors to avoid when Nordic walking. It features lots of practical and useful information for getting off on the right foot!