Advanced cardio boxing routine (32 min)

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Want to strengthen your cardio using boxing techniques?
This routine is designed for people who have already been doing cardio boxing. It allows you to continue to exert yourself at a very high level of intensity and includes recovery phases that are at least 20 seconds long. This routine lasts a total of 32 minutes. It includes most of the "beginner" and "intermediate" routines, with some modifications. - The skipping rope phases will increase to 3 minutes long, the equivalent of a boxing round.
- We keep the shadow boxing with a boxing resistance band, but we also add another session with 1-2 kg dumbbells.

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Skipping rope (3 min)
  • 02
    Shadow boxing with resistance band (1 min)
  • 03
    Punches with bag (1 min)
  • 04
    Shadow boxing with dumbbells (1 min)
  • 05
    Kicks with bag (1 min)
  • 06
    Kicks/punches with bag (1 min)
  • 07
    Set 2
  • 08
    Set 3

Coach advice

"Some important safety principles to follow before each training session: First, be sure to do a thorough warm-up, especially of your joints (wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, etc.) If you use a punch bag, be sure to wear the necessary personal protection equipment. At minimum this includes a pair of boxing hand wraps as well as a pair of boxing gloves that are your size. If you will be working on your kicks, you may also want to wear shin guards (this will depend on how hard your bag is as well as your skill level)."
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