Interval training to walk faster (55min)

Intermediate 55 minutes
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Today, you will walk for about 55 minutes alternating between endurance and speed exercises.
Go for a 20-minute warm-up on flat terrain. Then find some hilly terrain with a gradient of at least 3% (e.g. a bridge)
10 circuits on this slope while going slowly on the uphill sections and very fast on the downhill sections.
Then finish with 25 minutes of walking at 6 km/h.
You will exercise your speed and your cardio fitness. This session will do a lot to help you improve.

Have a good session!

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Session exercises
  • 01
    20' warm-up
  • 02
    10' exercise
  • 03
    25' warm down

Coach advice

"If you cannot find a 3% gradient (or a bridge), carry out the exercise over a 40 m distance while accelerating "flat-out" over this distance followed by a recovery period over this same distance.
Take water with you and drink regularly."
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