Pedalling technique #3 40'

Beginner 40 minutes
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Time: 40min

It is preferable to use clipless pedals for this workout

Having mastered the one-legger drill, it's time to move on to a new exercise.
You will now add one minute of high-cadence training to your sets. This high-intensity workout will cause a net increase in your heart rate (15 to 25 beats), but that's completely normal.

However, this is not a maximal intensity workout. You should stay focused on your cadence instead of your heart rate monitor.

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Session exercises
  • 01
    10-minute warm-up
  • 02
    Drill 5x(2x 1'/1')
  • 03
    10 minute cool-down

Coach advice

"During your minute of high-cadence pedalling, the goal is not to peak your cadence but to keep it as consistent as possible. If you have a cadence sensor, it should stay between 115 and 130 rpm. If not, keep count in your head of how many crank rotations there are in 10 seconds and try to stay around 20. As you continue cycling, you will find it easier to maintain a high cadence. This is a sign that your pedal stroke has improved."
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