MAS 8 x (2 mins - 1 min)

Intermediate 55 minutes
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After a warm-up (20 minutes of jogging and 3 progressive accelerations of 15 seconds), push yourself as far as possible for 2 minutes, then jog very slowly for 1 min before starting again. Complete 8 times.

Finish the session with a 10-minute warm-down (without exceeding 65% of your maximum heart rate) to relax the muscles and gradually lower the pulse.

You will recover more quickly and your body will cope with the following session better.

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Session exercises
  • 01
    20 minutes of running
  • 02
    3 accelerations for 15 seconds
  • 03
    VO2max 8x (2 min - 1 min)
  • 04
    10-minute warm-down.

Coach advice

"For the interval training, try to run at the pace at which your final repetition is as fast as the first one.

If you use a heart rate monitor, the fast sections will be done at 90 to 100% of your maximum heart rate."
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