Looking after your back (15 min)

Beginner 15 minutes
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This session is ideal for your first foray into Pilates with an exercise ball.
The instability created by the ball helps activate the deep core muscles, strengthen your back and make it more flexible.

Doing this session regularly will relieve back pain.

Happy stretching!

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Pre-Pilates (2'30")
  • 02
    Knee balance (90")
  • 03
    1 minute 15 of swan pose
  • 04
    2 minutes 30 of cat/cow stretch
  • 05
    1 minute 30 of back stretching
  • 06
    1 minute 45 seconds of back twists
  • 07
    1 minute 30 of back stretching

Coach advice

"The aim is to focus on two priorities: your breathing and your back. For each exercise, make sure you maintain the integrity of the posture the entire time. If you feel your posture slipping, reduce the length of the exercise."
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