Shoulder strength training (21 min)

Beginner 21 minutes
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Here is a classic strength training workout made up of 4 exercises. We'll do 30 seconds of exercise, with 30 seconds of rest between each exercise. You will do three sets.
We recommend pausing the app as you move your resistance band to a different attachment point.

Use several resistance bands, or double or even triple your band, depending on the muscle groups you are working out.
For the triceps extension and the standing chest curl exercises you will need to hook the band on a high anchor point. For the dips exercise you'll need a chair, bench or similar. Happy workout!

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Deadlift (30 sec)
  • 02
    Air squat (30 sec)
  • 03
    Shoulder warm-ups (30 sec)
  • 04
    Crossover cable pull-ups (30 sec)
  • 05
    Dip (30 sec)
  • 06
    Chest cable pull (30 sec)
  • 07
    Crossover cable pull-ups (2x30 sec)
  • 08
    Set 2
  • 09
    Set 3
  • 10
    Quad stretches (2x30 sec)
  • 11
    Hamstring stretch (30 sec)
  • 12
    Child's pose (40 sec)

Coach advice

"This session is designed for strength training. Put your resistance band on while the demonstration video is running, and pause the app if you find you need more time to get it in position correctly."
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