Wake up your body (9 min)

Beginner 9 minutes
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This session will calm your body and mind! From a physical standpoint, muscle stretching is included to energize your entire body. As for your mindset, rest and relaxation will release all your built-up tension.

Here, the goal is to improve muscle elasticity and joint range of motion while also promoting mental relaxation.

Here are the instructions:
You will do 6 yoga poses.

For the triangle pose, you will need a block or, if you don't have a block, you can use a shoebox.

Remember: if you want to see results, do the exercises shown below 1 to 2 times a week.

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Child's pose (30 sec)
  • 02
    Cat-cow (30 sec)
  • 03
    Triangle (2 x 45 sec)
  • 04
    Downward-facing dog (45 sec)
  • 05
    Cobra (45 sec)
  • 06
    Half spinal twist (2 x 45 sec)
  • 07
    Mountain with prayer hands (1 min)

Coach advice

"In yoga, you breathe through your nose. During the session, concentrate on your breathing cycle to start a virtuous circle of calm and well-being. Try to stay present with your breathing. For each pose, take 3 to 6 calm, deep breaths (inhale/exhale). Listen to your body and stay in control. Be kind to yourself!"
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