Stretching after a run (6 min)

Beginner 6 minutes
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The aim of this session is to relax your muscles and return them to their original length.

It's best not to stretch your muscles too much or for too long (do 15 to 20 seconds max) after an intense workout.

You should also do some deep breathing to boost your recovery.

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Quads stretch
  • 02
    Calf stretch
  • 03
    Hamstring stretch
  • 04
    Hip flexor stretch
  • 05
    Back stretch
  • 06
    Spine lengthening stretch
  • 07
    Adductor stretch
  • 08
    Back stretch
  • 09
    Glute stretch (pushing)
  • 10
    Glute stretch (pulling)

Coach advice

"A stretching session shouldn't be painful. The stretches should be easy to hold for the full length of the exercise."
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