Starting Pilates #2 (11 min)

Beginner 11 minutes
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Have you already done the "Starting Pilates #1" session?
Now you can move on to this collection of the 3 basic Pilates exercises you have already seen, and 2 new exercises to mix things up a bit.

This session will work your entire body.
Listen to your body and stay within your limits.

Happy stretching!

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Positioning and Pilates breathing
  • 02
    Kneeling press-ups
  • 03
    Prone swimmer - left foot
  • 04
    Level 1 right side leg raises
  • 05
    Kneeling press-ups
  • 06
    Prone swimmer - right foot
  • 07
    Level 1 left side leg raises
  • 08
    Glute stretch
  • 09
    2-leg back stretch
  • 10
    Kneeling lunge stretch

Coach advice

"Always focus on your breathing.
Feel the effects on your core muscles.
Tip: Keep your hips in a neutral position while doing the exercises."
Want to move with Decathlon Coach? ;)
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