Aim for that flat stomach! (6 mins - Intermediate)

Experienced 6 minutes
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This is a special flat stomach session where you're going to be doing some abs exercises.

It lasts 6 minutes.
You can also combine it with the "Squat" session to tone your thighs, or the "Glutes" workout.

To perform the exercises in this programme correctly, clear an area of approximately 2 x 1.5 m.
Remember to turn on the sound for the best experience.

You need to have Decathlon Coach application to launch this program !
Session exercises
  • 01
    Plank - 1 min
  • 02
    Hollow body - 1 min
  • 03
    Mountain climber - 1 min
  • 04
    Dynamic plank - 1 min
  • 05
    Active side plank - 1 min

Coach advice

"Give it everything you've got during this session! Stay focused on breathing through your nose to optimise the strengthening of your core muscles. These muscles are the most important when aiming for a flat stomach! Avoid sugary food and unhealthy fats, and away you go!"
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