Walking and running for 40 mins (3x 5mins running)

Beginner 40 minutes
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After 10 minutes of power walking to prepare your muscles for exercise, you're going to alternate 5 minutes of running and 5 minutes of walking for 25 minutes.

You’ll then finish the session with 5 minutes of slow walking to help recover with fewer aches.

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Session exercises
  • 01
    10 minutes power walking
  • 02
    5 minutes running
  • 03
    5 minutes walking
  • 04
    5 minutes running
  • 05
    5 minutes walking
  • 06
    5 minutes running
  • 07
    5 minutes cool walking

Coach advice

"At the beginning, we always tend to run too quickly. It's a mistake. In this session, you should be able to breathe comfortably during the running phases i.e. you should be able to speak while running. You’ll gain nothing by going faster!"
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