Pedalling Technique #1 30'

Beginner 40 minutes
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Workout duration: 40 minutes
Objective: Improve the efficiency of your pedal stroke

It is preferable to use clipless pedals for this workout

In running as well as cycling, some workouts focus solely on drills. The home trainer is an excellent tool for this kind of exercise.
For this first workout, we are offering a basic drill commonly called "one-legger".

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Session exercises
  • 01
    10-minute warm-up
  • 02
    Drill 5x (2x30"/30"+ 1'30 of recovery)
  • 03
    12 minute cool-down

Coach advice

"During isolated leg training, you should try to "spin circles", meaning that your leg is always applying pressure to move you forward. This requires good muscular coordination and is not as simple as it may seem. To move forward, the cyclist presses down on the pedal by contracting the quadriceps muscle (the anterior thigh muscle) to extend their leg. To bring the pedal up, the cyclist requires little to no help from their hamstrings (posterior thigh muscles, leg flexors) and psoas (groin muscles, hip flexors).

Therefore, the goal of "spinning circles" is to make the pedal stroke as smooth as possible by actively pulling the pedal towards the top of the stroke and then forward. At first, this contraction of the hamstrings and psoas muscles will take conscious effort, but over time it will become second nature."
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