Pilates for your core (17 min)

Beginner 18 minutes
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This session aims to work your core. In other words, it gives your spine's erector, flexor and stabiliser muscles a workout.

The intention is to improve your stability and build strength in your deep core muscles to either improve your technique when doing sport or relieve joint and/or muscle pain.

Make sure you do at least one stretching session per week to get the most out of this deep muscle workout. You will need a quiet space and a gym ball.

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Breathing (2 min)
  • 02
    Seated balance (2 min 30)
  • 03
    Static glute bridge (2 min)
  • 04
    1 knee on ball balance (30 sec)
  • 05
    Gym ball thigh plank (2 x 30 sec)
  • 06
    Arm and leg raise (2 x 30 sec)
  • 07
    Gym ball feet plank (45 sec)
  • 08
    Gym ball side plank (2 x 30 sec)
  • 09
    Upward facing dog (30 sec)
  • 10
    Downward facing dog (30 sec)
  • 11
    Twists (2 x 30 sec)

Coach advice

"Feel free to adapt the length of the workout to suit your level of fitness. To do the exercises correctly, tense your stomach by sucking in your belly button throughout the workout."
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