MAP#1 30'

Intermediate 30 minutes
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Duration 30'

Maximal aerobic power training is common in cycling.
This zone, which we call zone 5, is an intensity zone that corresponds to VO2 max, the maximal volume of oxygen that can be inhaled and used by the muscles.

MAP training is essential in endurance sports like cycling.
It can improve physical performance and recovery. MAP training can also help increase your tolerance to fatigue.
Generally speaking, completing a workout in zone 5/MAP increases your overall performance. That's why maximal aerobic power training is essential.

This first workout is an introductory workout to Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) training.
The workout is short but intense.
Over the next 30 minutes, you will complete an 8-minute warm-up followed by a 2-minute recovery.
Then, during 10 minutes, you will alternate between 30 seconds at MAP (Zone 5) and 30 seconds at a moderate intensity (zone 2). Finally, you will recover for 10 minutes at a moderate to low intensity.

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Session exercises
  • 01
    10-minute warm-up
  • 02
    MAP Workout 10x(30"/30")
  • 03
    10' Cool-down

Coach advice

"Be careful not to go above zone 5, as you may be unable to complete all intervals. Your heart rate should increase progressively during the workout until you reach your maximum heart rate."
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