Learning the exercise routine session 1 - (12 min)

Beginner 13 minutes
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During this session for complete beginners, you'll learn in twelve or so minutes the basic techniques to perform standing jumps with feet joined together. You'll learn to get the pace and the coordination right.
The goal is to progressively jump less and less higher, so jump height just clears the rope underfoot (fine-tuning technique and energy during movement).

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Jogging on the spot
  • 02
    Standing jump, rope in right hand
  • 03
    Jogging on the spot
  • 04
    Standing jump, rope in left hand
  • 05
    Jogging on the spot
  • 06
    Standing jump with rope
  • 07
    Jogging on the spot with rope in the right hand
  • 08
    Standing jump with rope
  • 09
    Jogging on the spot with rope in the left hand
  • 10
    Standing jump with rope

Coach advice

"Remember to jump on the balls of your feet, knees slightly bent, with a long straight back.
The jumps might be big (high) to start off with, and therefore very energy sapping, which is normal when you are learning.
What's important during the session is how long you work at it, rather than focusing on mistakes"
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