Core training (20 min)

Expert 20 minutes
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This workout takes 20 minutes and alternates between skipping rope and core exercises to strengthen your core and protect your back

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Skipping rope warm-up: High knees and twists
  • 02
    Mountain climbers
  • 03
    High knees and heel taps
  • 04
    Press-up and side plank combo
  • 05
    Hops and side to sides
  • 06
    Mountain climbers
  • 07
    High knees and heel taps
  • 08
    Reverse plank: Hip lifts and glute bridges
  • 09
    Hops and side to sides

Coach advice

"Stabilising your shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle (hips) should be the focus of your dynamic core exercises"
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