Morning stretching (20 min)

Beginner 20 minutes
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A full-body stretching session to start the day. Ideal for athletes recovering the day after a sports activity or for anyone who wants to keep their body mobile and avoid joint and/or muscle pain in the morning.

Each stretch should be held for around 60 seconds.

Happy stretching!

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Back stretch
  • 02
    Hip flexor stretch
  • 03
    Glute stretch
  • 04
  • 05
  • 06
    Child's pose
  • 07
    Downward facing dog
  • 08
    Kneeling lunge
  • 09
    Standing hamstring stretch
  • 10
    Spine lengthening stretch

Coach advice

"Do these stretches barefoot or in socks in a relaxing space accompanied by some zen tunes. Remember to breathe, and close your eyes to get the most out of it."
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