Toned legs (25 min)

Beginner 25 minutes
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Here is a classic strength training workout made up of 4 exercises. You will do three sets.

We recommend pausing the app as you move your resistance band to a different attachment point.

Use several resistance bands, or double or even triple your band, depending on the muscle groups you are working out.

Enjoy your workout! :)

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Deadlift (30 sec)
  • 02
    Air squat (30 sec)
  • 03
    Shoulder warm-ups (30 sec)
  • 04
    Squat press (3x30 sec)
  • 05
    Hip extensions (6x30 sec)
  • 06
    Bicycle kick (3x30 sec)
  • 07
    Lunges (6x30 sec)
  • 08
    Quad stretches (2x30 sec)
  • 09
    Hamstring stretch (30 sec)
  • 10
    Child's pose (40 sec)

Coach advice

"Take the time to get into proper position after each exercise, pausing the video if needed."
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