Getting to grips with the routine (16 min)

Beginner 17 minutes
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During this session we will learn more about the GREAT method.
You will do the following exercises:
- Plank
- Side leg raise
- Glute stretch
- Prone swimmer
- Kneeling lunge stretch

As well as exercises from the previous session such as the side leg raise and side plank

You need to have Decathlon Coach application to launch this program !
Session exercises
  • 01
    Plank resting on your toes
  • 02
    Level 2 left & right side leg raise
  • 03
    Glute stretch
  • 04
    Level 1 right & left side plank
  • 05
    Level 2 prone swimmer
  • 06
    Right kneeling lunge stretch
  • 07
    Left kneeling lunge stretch

Coach advice

"The GREAT programme is gentle and does not require you to warm up.
Ideally, use a gym mat, take off your shoes and wear comfortable clothing."
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