Practice G.R.E.A.T routine - 14'

Beginner 14 minutes
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In the previous sessions, we worked on discovering and learning about the GREAT method.

In this session, we walk you through a full GREAT session lasting 14 minutes with:
- 3 sets of planks leaning on toes
- 3 sets of dynamic hip raises
- Stretching hamstrings in sitting position
- Back stretches

Performing this workout on a daily basis will help you keep in good shape.

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Plank on your toes
  • 02
    Three dynamic sets of hip raises
  • 03
    Hamstring stretch sitting down
  • 04
    Back stretch

Coach advice

"Our GREAT method is gentle and requires no warm up.
Ideally, lie down on a gym mat, take off your shoes and wear comfortable clothes."
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