Discover yoga (8 min)

Beginner 8 minutes
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Here are 5 very accessible Yoga poses that will get you moving and help you gently get in tune with your body.
Wear a comfortable outfit and use a mat.
You can also do this session in your everyday clothes, at any time of the day :)

This session only lasts 7 minutes!

Enjoy your first workout

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Seated prayer pose (45 sec)
  • 02
    Cat-cow (45 sec)
  • 03
    Downward-facing dog (45 sec)
  • 04
    Child's pose (45 sec)
  • 05
    Happy baby (60 sec)
  • 06
    Relaxation (2 min)

Coach advice

"Discover yoga with 5 very easy poses. Focus on breathing slowly and calmly through your nose as this can have real benefits for the body and mind."
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