Lower body (15 mins)

Beginner 16 minutes
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In this workout, you are going to do 3 exercises with the kettlebell to strengthen your lower body.

The goal is to do the maximum possible number of repetitions for each exercise. Obviously, if you need to take a break during these 3 minutes, feel free!

Good luck and don't forget to stay hydrated!

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Joint workout: neck, hips, knees (4x10s)
  • 02
    Goblet squat (3 mins)
  • 03
    Kettlebell swing (3 mins)
  • 04
    Alternate lunges (3 mins)
  • 05
    Quadriceps stretch (20s)
  • 06
    Glute stretch (2x30s)

Coach advice

"If you are finding the movements difficult, consider reducing the extent."
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