Toning your stomach (15 min)

Beginner 15 minutes
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A workout to get you that flat tummy!

Doing Pilates breathing techniques (lengthening your spine and lowering your ribs towards your hips) will help you to feel your waist contracting. Strengthening the transverse muscle will both encourage a flat stomach and relieve back pain.

I recommend doing this workout every day or several times per week.

Happy stretching!

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Session exercises
  • 01
    Pre-Pilates (2'30")
  • 02
    Seated balance (90")
  • 03
    2 minutes 30 of waist stretching
  • 04
    1 minute 45 of plank
  • 05
    1 minute 30 of relaxation
  • 06
    1 minute 45 of prone swimmer
  • 07
    1 minute of lumbar decompression

Coach advice

"The deeper your exhale during your Pilates breathing, the more you'll engage the muscles of the abdominal wall."
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