CHALLENGE objective (intermediate level)

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Welcome to the "intermediate level" Walking Challenge training plan!
Do you love walking and are you familiar with the technique involved in fitness walking? If this is the case, this programme is made for you!
Take up the
Walking Challenge to improve your walking technique and increase your speed and endurance. It can also be a good transitional discipline if you want to step up to race walking.
The programme is made up of 3 walking sessions per week, covering a period of 4
Follow Newfeel on the social networks and interact with the community of walkers throughout this 4-week period!
So, are you ready? Let's go!

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Week 1 - I test my capacity for speed

This week, you will test your actual walking capabilities. The 3 weekly sessions will therefore focus on speed and stamina.
Always take the time to read the advice and exercises.
Have a good week!

  • 01. Endurance and stamina
  • 02. Speed drills
  • 03. Interval

Week 2 - Power and stamina

Welcome to the 2nd week!
This week we will work on long distances while focusing particularly on your power.
Ready? Have a good week!

  • 04. Power exercises
  • 05. Stamina drills
  • 06. Active endurance

Week 3 - Week 3: The heart of the matter!

Welcome to the 3rd week of the Walking Challenge!
You will work on your speed as well as your endurance during the following 3 sessions. This is the week when you will make them most spectacular progress!
Have fun and enjoy
your week!

  • 07. Foundation training
  • 08. Durability
  • 09. Endurance and stamina

Week 4 - Week 4: Stamina and endurance

Already the final week of the Walking Challenge!
You can enjoy the fruits of the effort you have put in over the last 3 weeks.
You will work more on your ability to withstand a significant effort over long periods.
Have a good week!

  • 10. Durability
  • 11. Active endurance
  • 12. Final endurance test

Coach advice

"This programme is for walkers who can walk for at least one hour at 6km/h. The key is to enjoy yourself at all times, listen to your body. Before each session, take the time to warm up your muscles and joints properly by
following our advice. You can take a water bottle with you in order to have a drink whenever you feel thirsty. At the end of each session, spend a few minutes stretching. All that remains is for me to wish you a good Walking Challenge! "
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