Regular: Lose 4-5 kg over 8 weeks (with an empty stomach sessions))

Intermediate 8 weeks 3x/week
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To follow this plan, you must be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping

Day after day, your figure will slim down (don't hesitate to take your waist, hip and thigh measurements before starting the programme) and then you will lose weight with a suitable nutritional programme that is provided in the advice.

May I suggest completing one session per week on an empty stomach.
This means that you will run in the morning before eating anything.
This will help you burn up more fat, but it's a method that should be used sparingly. Follow the programme carefully to get your body used to this method.

When you get back from your training, have a healthy breakfast, in line with the advice given by our nutritionist.
Ideally, you should do your training on Tuesdays, Thursdays and over the weekend so as to spread them out evenly throughout the week.

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Week 1 - Gradual start-up

For your first session on an empty stomach, it's a good idea to pick a route you can do in short loops so as to be able to cut it short if you start feeling unwell.
You should also take a lump of sugar or a gel with you, just in case your head starts spinning or you get a craving to eat something.

  • 01. Run for 20 minutes
  • 02. Run for 20 minutes
  • 03. Run for 30 minutes on an empty stomach

Week 2 - Gradually increasing training times.

Before starting your outing on an empty stomach, don't hesitate to drink a glass of water or a mug of tea without adding any sugar.

  • 04. Run for 20 minutes
  • 05. Run for 30 minutes
  • 06. Run for 40 minutes on an empty stomach

Week 3 - The improvement continues!

Given the sequence of sessions and efforts made, a little fatigue may set in.

Take care of yourself, change into some dry clothes after running, follow our nutritional advice, maintain a healthy lifestyle and everything will be fine!

  • 07. Run for 30 minutes
  • 08. Run for 30 minutes
  • 09. Run for 45 minutes on an empty stomach

Week 4 - Regeneration.

The training workload drops significantly this week so that you can recover from the effort made during the previous 3 weeks.
Make the most of the resulting free time to do some core strength exercises or stretches, for example.

  • 10. Run for 25 minutes
  • 11. Run for 25 minutes
  • 12. Run for 30 minutes on an empty stomach

Week 5 - Progress resumes.

After 4 weeks, the programme is already showing results. What more encouragement do you need to stay motivated?

  • 13. Run for 30 minutes
  • 14. Run for 40 minutes
  • 15. Run for 50 minutes on an empty stomach

Week 6 - 1 hour on an empty stomach!

Subject to exceptions, training on an empty stomach should not exceed 1 hour.
If needed, you can hydrate regularly during the session by drinking water.

  • 16. Run for 40 minutes
  • 17. Run for 45 minutes
  • 18. Run for 1 hour on an empty stomach

Week 7 - More than 2½ hours of running for the week.

As you will have noticed, running on an empty stomach is a very effective way of losing weight.
However, if this method is repeated too often or for too long, it can lead to significant bouts of fatigue.

It is important to show restraint regarding the frequency (no more than once a week) and duration (no more than one hour) of this type of training.
Always be aware of what your body is telling you.

  • 19. Run for 45 minutes
  • 20. Run for 50 minutes
  • 21. Run for 1 hour on an empty stomach

Week 8 - Final week of the plan

Although this is the end of the plan, it is not the end of your running practice! You can either restart the programme in week 4 or opt for a "weight stabilisation" plan.

  • 22. Run for 45 minutes
  • 23. Run for 1 hour
  • 24. Run for 1 hour on an empty stomach

Coach advice

"This plan is for people seeking to lose weight and who can already run for 30 minutes without stopping. This plan involves running on an empty stomach in the morning before eating anything at all. If you don't want to run on an empty stomach, take the option 2 weight loss 4-6 lb."
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