Getting started with boxing

Beginner 6 weeks 2x/week
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This exercise programme will help you to build your cardio and respiratory endurance, allowing you to do longer workouts. This will increase your muscle endurance through boxing bag and body weight exercises. If you want to speed up your cardio workout you can choose to do an active recovery instead of a passive one. This programme allows you to achieve 3 goals:
- Get started with boxing by learning the basic combinations
- Successfully do 30 minutes of boxing exercise
- Increase your endurance in 6 weeks

For an optimal experience we recommend using a speaker or bluetooth earphones.

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Week 1 - Learning the basic movements

Technique and combinations

  • 01. Getting started with boxing the right way (25 min)
  • 02. Getting started with a punching bag (27 min)

Week 2 - Learning the basic combo moves

Technique before performance

  • 03. Punching combo moves (27 min)
  • 04. Kicking combo moves (27 min)

Week 3 - Learning punch/kick combinations

New exercises = new technical know-how

  • 05. Accelerating punches (35 min)
  • 06. Accelerating kicks (35 min)

Week 4 - Punching bag / Strength training

Reinforcing the exercises learned the previous week

  • 07. Upper body (28 min)
  • 08. Lower body (28 min)

Week 5 - Boosting your cardio

This week we will increase the active time with the punching bag followed by 30 seconds of passive recovery.

  • 09. Accelerating punches (35 min)
  • 10. Accelerating kicks (35 min)

Week 6 - Boosting your cardio

This week we will keep the basic moves from week 4 but we'll lengthen the times using the bag. Your cardio performance should be higher by the end of this programme.

  • 11. Upper body (35 min)
  • 12. Lower body (35 min)

Coach advice

"This programme is based on interval training that increases in length as you progress through the sessions. You will increase the time spent doing each boxing exercise while taking care to breathe properly and reducing your recovery time between exercises. At the end of the programme you will be able to do a full round of boxing without stopping, just like the pros!"
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