Learn the basics in 4 weeks #1

Beginner 4 weeks 3x/week
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The 4 basic exercises are: the squat, the horizontal and vertical push, horizontal and vertical pull, and hip exercises. In this exercise programme you will learn to position yourself correctly in order to perform the exercises pain-free and as effectively as possible. It will also increase your strength and build your self-confidence as the weeks go by. To perform the exercises in this programme correctly, clear a floor space of approximately 2 x 1.5 m.
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This workout programme lasts 12 weeks, divided into 3 cycles of 4 weeks each. You will do 3 sessions a week. Good luck!

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Week 1 - Learning the basic weight training exercises

In this first workout cycle we will learn the basic weight training exercises, using pushing and pulling movements. Our goal is to master the technique before emphasizing performance.

  • 01. Pushing exercises workout (33 minutes)
  • 02. Pulling exercises workout (36 minutes)
  • 03. The agonist/antagonist workout session (48 minutes)

Week 2 - Add an extra rep to each exercise.

Remember to put technique before performance.

  • 04. Add one more rep to the pushing exercises workout (36 minutes)
  • 05. Add one more rep to the pulling exercises workout (39 minutes)
  • 06. Add one more rep to the agonist/antagonist workout (51 minutes)

Week 3 - New exercises for a full body workout.

New exercises = new technical know-how

  • 07. Three new exercises for the pushing exercises workout (47 minutes)
  • 08. Two new exercises for the push exercises workout (45 minutes)
  • 09. Two new exercises added to the agonist/antagonist workout (51 minutes)

Week 4 - Add an additional rep to certain exercises.

Technique before performance

  • 10. Enhancing the pushing exercises session (53 minutes)
  • 11. Enhancing the pulling exercises session (45 minutes)
  • 12. Enhancing the agonist/antagonist session (55 minutes)

Coach advice

"This programme is designed to teach you how to do the exercises correctly. The priority is technique over performance. Take the time to correctly repeat the exercises the coaches perform in the videos; master these and by the end of the programme you'll be a pro!"
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