Shaping and Slimming

Intermediate 4 weeks 3x/week
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How about 4 weeks of training to get ready for summer?

If you want to lose weight, we recommend getting into a healthy habit by eating a balanced diet. Limit the amount of fat and sugar you eat, and instead go for protein and vegetables.

Need more motivation? Stick your favourite playlist on!

Happy training everyone!
Come back in 4 weeks to let us know how it went :)

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Week 1 - Here we go!

Always listen to your body and work at your own pace.

  • 01. Lower body (33 min)
  • 02. Flat stomach (30 min)
  • 03. Full body (52 min)

Week 2 - Bums, legs and tum, and a bit of a challenge ;)

Take your time. If you find the exercises too hard, take one of the easier options.

  • 04. Thighs and glutes (41 min)
  • 05. Core (30 min)
  • 06. Challenge #1 (35 min)

Week 3 - We're getting there!

Increase the recovery time if you're finding it hard!

  • 07. Lower body (37 min)
  • 08. Flat stomach (36 min)
  • 09. Full body (52 min)

Week 4 - You've made it!

This is the last week. Hang in there and keep eating a healthy diet to achieve your goals.

  • 10. Thighs and glutes (41 min)
  • 11. Plank (30 min)
  • 12. Challenge #2 (40 min)

Coach advice

"To do this programme, you'll need a skipping rope (optional), a mat and some small dumbbells or small bottles of water."
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