STRENGTH challenge

Beginner 1 weeks 6x/week
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Here's the strength challenge! This challenge will help you establish a home workout habit. It's light on cardio and great for beginners.

Always listen to your body and go at your own pace.

Put on your favourite playlist and let's get your first week started!

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Week 1 - Get ready for a great week of strength-building exercises!

This week focuses on strengthening your entire body, with workouts aimed at both the lower and upper body. Keep fit while having fun!

  • 01. Thighs, abs and pecs (20 min)
  • 02. Total core (14 min)
  • 03. Shoulders, biceps and triceps (20 min)
  • 04. HIIT (33 min)
  • 05. Full body circuit (20 min)
  • 06. Full body (30 min)

Coach advice

"This one-week programme will help you get or stay fit! Grab your mat, dumbbells or water bottles, and your (optional) skipping rope! Good luck!"
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