Progressing on a mountain trail run - in 6 weeks

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In order to follow this plan, you must have already completed several trail runs or be able to perform well over the half-marathon distance.

This progressive plan involving 5 training sessions a week includes 5 weeks of work and one light training week before the trail run.
Ideally, in order to spread out the sessions as much as possible, you will train on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Week 1 - Hill training

Even if you have easy access to hills, your "hill training" sessions should be on terrain on which you can run for most of the session.

  • 01. 1h jog on hilly terrain
  • 02. 12 x 30s of hill training
  • 03. 1 hour of jogging on flat ground
  • 04. 3 x 6min on slopes
  • 05. 1h30min jog on hilly terrain

Week 2 - First "triangle" session for trail running

The "triangle" session is specifically for trail running. It involves a series of uphill and downhill runs at race pace, in which the recovery is not done on the downhill section as you would in a standard hill training session. Rather, it is done when you have got back to the start point.

  • 06. 1h15min jog on hilly terrain
  • 07. VO2max 12 x (1min - 45s)
  • 08. 1h jog on hilly terrain
  • 09. triangle session: 3 x 6 min uphill
  • 10. 1h45min long run on hilly terrain

Week 3 - Hill training

For short hill training sessions, try and find a regular gradient where you can push yourself without having to change speed during the climb.

Ideally, the gradient should be between 7 and 10% to avoid getting tired too quickly and disrupting your stride pattern.

Choose steady slopes with a good surface (tarmac road or trail with few stones) in order to ensure optimum grip with every stride – and those free from or with very few motor vehicles: it is preferable to be able to focus on the quality of your effort without being bothered constantly by other users of the trail.

  • 11. 1h15min jog on hilly terrain
  • 12. 4 x 1min + 4 x 45s + 4 x 30s on a slope
  • 13. 1h jog on flat terrain
  • 14. 5 x 5min of hill training
  • 15. 2h long run on hilly terrain

Week 4 - Trail running training

Given the sequence of sessions and efforts made, a little fatigue may set in.

Take care of yourself, change into some dry clothes after running, follow our nutritional advice, maintain a healthy lifestyle and everything will be fine!

  • 16. 1h15min jog on hilly terrain
  • 17. VO2max 6 x (1min - 45s) + 6 x (40s - 30s)
  • 18. 1h15min jog on hilly terrain
  • 19. triangle session: 3 x 8min uphill
  • 20. 2h15min long run on hilly terrain

Week 5 - slight decrease in the training workload

As you get nearer the event, the intensity of the training drops slightly so that the body can absorb the work done over the previous weeks.

  • 21. 1h15min jog on hilly terrain
  • 22. 3 x (3 min - 2 min - 1 min) of hill training
  • 23. 1h jog
  • 24. 5 x 6min at 85% of HRmax
  • 25. 1h15min jog on hilly terrain

Week 6 - Regeneration and competition

The workload drops significantly so that you feel fresh for the start of the race.

  • 26. VO2max 12x (30 sec - 30 sec)
  • 27. rest
  • 28. 45 minutes of jogging
  • 29.
  • 30. warming up for the day of the race

Coach advice

"If you have some good experience of trail running and would like to perform well in a mountain event of less than 20 km, this plan is made for you!"
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