Losing weight - Intermediate level

Intermediate 4 weeks 3x/week
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Well done! You have chosen the best sport for your health!
Excellent for the heart, tone, ease of practice, loss of calories, little means needed and low trauma.
This program is designed for you, who have just completed the plan to lose weight beginner level, or have already practiced walking with low intensity.
Good steps!

You need to have Decathlon Coach application to launch this program !

Week 1 - Week 1: Let's go!

This week, we will look at the basic precautions you need to take throughout your sessions.
You will learn the basics and fundamental techniques of fitness walking.

  • 01. Monitoring my heart
  • 02. Technique
  • 03. Warm-up and stretching exercises in order to improve your walking!

Week 2 - Work carefully on the basics

Welcome to this 2nd week!
We will revise the basics and work on the postures of the fitness walker!

  • 04. Hip movement exercises
  • 05. Speed
  • 06. Endurance

Week 3 - Week 3: The heart of the matter!

This third week is designed to build up the walker's power and endurance. Now that your technique is good, you can improve your walking by varying the exercises.
Have fun!

  • 07. The foot motion
  • 08. Power
  • 09. Active endurance

Week 4 - Developing technique

It's already be last week! How time flies!
For this final week, you will improve your movements and technique.
You will be able to step up a level at the end of the week. The word "Beginner"
will no longer be part of your vocabulary, yippee!
Have a good week of walking!

  • 10. Arm exercises
  • 11. Foot exercises
  • 12. Review

Coach advice

"In order to complete this programme, it is important to monitor your pace in the knowledge of your heart rate: Here is a tip for measuring your pulse: During the session, place your hand on your carotid artery below your chin, with your thumb and index finger. Feel your heartbeat, count how many beats there are in 10 seconds and multiply the figure by six (i.e. 1 minute). Then take your pulse again 1 minute later: if your heartbeat has dropped by 60 beats, you recover very quickly, which means that you can increase the intensity of your effort. If not, maintain your current pace."
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