Getting back in shape with the Fit Trampo

Beginner 4 weeks 3x/week
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This programme is split into 2 levels: beginner and intermediate/advanced.
This means you can start at the first level and move up to the next one when you feel able to.

You will have 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks, each with different objectives:
- one cardio-focused workout
- one strength-based workout
- one programme that mixes the two.

The benefit of the trampoline is that it gives you an all-round workout to boost your fitness. You will strengthen your entire body (particularly your deeper muscles), as well as building endurance, burning plenty of calories, and having fun.

To perform the exercises in this programme correctly, clear an area of approximately 2 x 1.5 m.

And for the full experience, we recommend using bluetooth speakers or headphones.

You need to have Decathlon Coach application to launch this program !

Week 1 - Intro to the exercises

Focus on tensing your abs and pelvic floor

  • 01. Full-body strengthening (18 min)
  • 02. Cardio interval workout (22 min)
  • 03. Cardio/strength mix (30 min)

Week 2 - Getting to grips with the exercises

Focus on tensing your abs and pelvic floor

  • 04. Full-body strengthening (18 min)
  • 05. Cardio interval workout (22 min)
  • 06. Cardio/strength mix (30 min)

Week 3 - Upping the intensity

This week, we introduce some new exercises. We'll increase the intensity to get better results and have more fun.

  • 07. Strength training (27 min)
  • 08. Cardio Interval Training (28 minutes)
  • 09. A bit of everything! Cardio and strength (22 minutes)

Week 4 - Making more progress

Throw everything at this last week of the programme

  • 10. Strength training (27 min)
  • 11. Cardio Interval Training (28 minutes)
  • 12. A bit of everything! Cardio and strength (22 min)

Coach advice

"Welcome to the world of trampolining. Take things easy to start with, and you'll soon feel at ease on your trampoline. Remember that you can always reduce the intensity of the movements to help you last to the very end. Your body will quickly feel the benefits of this fun type of workout. Keep yourself safe by jumping with your feet flat and your knees soft. Always tense your abs by slightly sucking in your stomach, and activate your pelvic floor (squeeze your nether regions :-) ). And you're ready to jump!"
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