Build strength with Pilates

Intermediate 4 weeks 3x/week
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Want to tone your whole body? This programme is just the thing! The only objective is to have fun!
Get started with this 4-week programme to get toned from head to toe!
The principle is simple: 3 sessions per week—1 for the upper body, 1 for the lower body, and 1 for core stability. The exercises progress each week so you can reach an intermediate level by week 4.

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Week 1 - Full-body workout

The programme starts with a workout to strengthen your entire body. Take the time to maintain proper form to make the exercises more effective.

  • 01. Lower body exercises (19 min)
  • 02. Upper body exercises (15 min)
  • 03. Core stability work (19 min)

Week 2 - Getting stronger all over

The second week of this programme will get a little more intense. Technique is still very important—take the time to do the exercises the way the coaches show in the videos to learn and master the moves.

  • 04. Lower body exercises (19 min)
  • 05. Upper body exercises (15 min)
  • 06. Core stability work (19 min)

Week 3 - Progressing together

And we're off for week 3! Keep working on your technique to perfect your form.

  • 07. Lower body exercises (18 min)
  • 08. Upper body exercises (15 min)
  • 09. Core stability work (19 min)

Week 4 - Wrapping things up

The last week: the home stretch! Challenge yourself and push your limits during every workout this week!

  • 10. Lower body exercises (18 min)
  • 11. Upper body exercises (18 min)
  • 12. Core stability (18 min)

Coach advice

"The aim of this programme is to tone up your entire body to feel better about yourself. Choose a comfy outfit and find a space that's large enough to do all the exercises. Plan to have a mat to hand for comfort."
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