Finishing your first 5 km run - in 4 weeks

Beginner 4 weeks 2x/week
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To do this programme, you must be able to run for 20 minutes without stopping.

Over the course of these sessions, the distances you'll be running will gradually increase.

The walking phases before and after each running phase increase the overall time you spend exercising.

As the days go by and you progress, you'll be able to run 5 km. This is how you'll attain your objective.

Spread out your sessions evenly by scheduling one at the weekend and another in the middle of the week.

You need to have Decathlon Coach application to launch this program !

Week 1 - Objective: run for 3 kilometres

The most difficult thing is to get started, but we are here to help you and encourage you!

  • 01. Run 2 km without stopping (28min)
  • 02. Run 3 km without stopping (35min)

Week 2 - Objective: run for 3.5 kilometres

Don't try to go too quickly. The key is to attain your objective while enjoying yourself.

  • 03. Run 3 km without stopping (35min)
  • 04. Run 3.5 km without stopping (38min)

Week 3 - Objective: run for 4 kilometres

You're more than halfway through, that's reason enough to stay motivated and keep going!

  • 05. Run 3.5 km without stopping (38min)
  • 06. Run 4 km without stopping (41min)

Week 4 - Objective: run for 5 kilometres

You are nearing your objective, stay positive!

  • 07. Run 3 km without stopping (35min)
  • 08. Run 5 km (43min)

Coach advice

"You want to be abe to run 5 kilometres: that's a fantastic goal, and we'll help you achieve it through a gradual sports training programme suited to your level. Don't worry about your speed or pace. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself!"
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