Running 5km - 4 weeks (being able to run 20min or 3km)

Beginner 4 weeks 1x/week
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As a prerequisite for this programme, you should be able to run for 20 minutes or 3km without stopping.

Over the course of these sessions, the distances you'll be running will gradually increase.

The walking phases before and after each running phase increase the overall time you spend exercising.

As the days go by and you progress, you'll be able to run 5 km. You'll therefore have reached your target.

Try to space your outings out, leaving 4 days between each outing!

You need to have Decathlon Coach application to launch this program !

Week 1 - Objective: running 3 kilometres

Starting is the hardest part, but we're right here by your side to help and encourage you!

  • 01. Running 3km non-stop

Week 2 - Objective: running 3.5 kilometres

Don't try to go too fast, the important thing is to reach your goal and have fun doing it!.

  • 02. Running 3.5km non-stop

Week 3 - Objective: running 4 kilometres

You're completed more than half of the training, that's reason enough to stay motivated and keep going!

  • 03. Running 4km non-stop

Week 4 - Objective: running 5 kilometres

You're getting closer to your goal, have faith!

  • 04. Running 5km non-stop

Coach advice

"You want to be abe to run 5 kilometres: that's a fantastic goal, and we'll help you achieve it through a gradual sports training programme suited to your level. Don't worry about your speed or how you look, the important thing is that you enjoy yourself!"
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