Preparing for a sprint triathlon in 9 weeks

Beginner 9 weeks 4x/week
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You will develop your practice in the three sports and thus develop some minimal markers to ensure the big day goes smoothly. The sprint-distance triathlon consists in 750 m of swimming / 20 km of cycling and 5 km of running.

The 9 weeks of preparation will enable you to face this challenge with confidence, thanks to regular training sessions.

You will be ready physically and mentally to handle your first triathlon and really enjoy yourself!

Committing to this plan means giving yourself the means of reaching your first finishing line.

Remember: the cycling sessions may be done indoors or outdoors, in the gym or at home on an exercise bike or home-trainer, and the swimming sessions may be done in the open water. Session 4 of week 4 is a self-massage pour session to improve recovery. You will therefore need a ball and massage roller.

Enjoy your training!

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Week 1 - Setting benchmarks

During this first week, we will start by discovering the bases of the training in each discipline.

  • 01. Swimming - Getting back to basics
  • 02. Cycling - Let's switch things up a little
  • 03. Running - Jogging
  • 04. Swimming

Week 2 - Let's test your inner triathlete!

We are going to carry out a few tests to give you a better idea of where you are at.
Take care with your approach to the session, the session itself and the period afterwards.

  • 05. Swimming - 800 m test
  • 06. Bike - Working on different cadences
  • 07. Running - Varying your pace
  • 08. Bike

Week 3 - Let's learn about the training: cycling+running

You will have a more precise idea of triathlon transition, especially cycling to running.

Do not rush! You need to discover what a transition is and allow your body to adapt to different types of efforts.

  • 09. Swimming - Gliding and catch
  • 10. Cycling+Running = 1h10 training session
  • 11. Cycling+running+cycling+running = multi-sequence 1h15
  • 12. Running

Week 4 - Let's talk about technique & recovery

We will give you a number of lessons in the various disciplines.

The goal is to gain a better feeling of your catch when swimming, smooth pedalling when cycling and efficient foot work when running.

That is why you will have three sessions during this cycle transition, one of which will be particularly focused on recovery.

  • 13. Swimming - Gliding and catch
  • 14. 1 hour of cycling
  • 15. Cycling + running, 1-hour session
  • 16. Running Session - Care - Recovery

Week 5 - Let's wake up your inner triathlete!

Along the same lines as the previous weeks, here are a few tests which will give you a better idea of where you are.

Take care with your sessions and, of course, those which come before or after them.

  • 17. Swimming - 1,000 m test
  • 18. Bike - Working on different cadences
  • 19. Running - Varying your pace
  • 20. Swimming - TSP

Week 6 - The bitty gritty

Stick with it. 4 weeks from your goal, you should be feeling more and more adrenalin and want to give your all!

  • 21. Swimming - Endurance
  • 22. Cycling - Rhythms and cadences
  • 23. Running - Varying your pace
  • 24. Swimming - TSP

Week 7 - Endurance

We are just three weeks away from the big day now. Be careful with your sessions and look after yourself.
Lifestyle is a vital factor if you wish to achieve your goal.

  • 25. Swimming - specific work on changing pace
  • 26. Bike
  • 27. Running - Endurance
  • 28. Running

Week 8 - Your objective is getting nearer

Just two weeks away from the big day - don't lose your sensations and learn the routes by heart.

  • 29. Swimming - Endurance
  • 30. Cycling - intensive work
  • 31. Running - Managing your efforts - 1 hour
  • 32. Swimming

Week 9 - Objective!

Last week - we've made it!

You have prepared and this should fill you with confidence. 4 sessions per week, 9 weeks of training - you have learned to know yourself a little better.

Now you need to recover and tackle your objective with a few speed and endurance exercises so you arrive in peak conditions.

To do so, you should also prepare your hydration and nutrition for the big day.

  • 33. Swimming - Endurance and varying your swimming
  • 34. Cycling and running sequence - A pace reminder
  • 35. D Day
  • 36. Sprint Triathlon

Coach advice

"The objective of this programme is to complete your first sprint-distance triathlon in the best possible conditions."
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