Beginning a Pilates practice using a Gym Ball

Beginner 4 weeks 3x/week
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This four-week programme is perfect for learning to do Pilates exercises with a Gym Ball.
The instability created by the ball helps activate the deep core muscles.

As with standard Pilates exercises, the Gym Ball helps strengthen slack muscles and lengthen tight muscles while giving your body better balance and inner strength.

Each workout in this programme has three parts: pre-Pilates to get into the flow (breathing, posture and balance), three exercises to work the entire body, and a final phase of relaxation.

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Week 1 - The nine basic exercises

Take your time for the pre-Pilates exercises to understand and feel the "Pilates breathing" method.
You should also get comfortable with the Swiss Ball as you'll be using it a lot!

  • 01. Back care (11')
  • 02. Tone your stomach (10')
  • 03. Activate your deep core muscles (9')

Week 2 - Extending the exercise duration

For each exercise, make sure you maintain the integrity of the posture the entire time. If you feel that you can't keep proper form, go back to the time you held it from the first week.

  • 04. Back care (13')
  • 05. Tone your stomach (11')
  • 06. Activate your deep core muscles (11')

Week 3 - Variations to crank up the intensity

If you need to, stick with the basic exercises from the first couple of weeks. Do what feels right for you!

  • 07. Back strengthening (13')
  • 08. Strengthen the waist muscles (12')
  • 09. Strengthening your deep core muscles (11')

Week 4 - Taking things up a notch

This is the last week - remember all the tips we've given you until now: use the Pilates breathing method, engage your pelvic floor (perineum), keep your hips in a neutral position, keep your ribs and shoulders down, and bring your shoulder blades together! Let's go!

  • 10. Back strengthening (15')
  • 11. Strengthen the waist muscles (13')
  • 12. Strengthening your deep core muscles (13')

Coach advice

"You'll need a Gym Ball for this programme. Make sure it is properly inflated for your comfort and safety. You can also use a floor mat, especially if you need extra cushioning for your knees."
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