PILATES Challenge

Beginner 1 weeks 6x/week
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I'm challenging you to a fun, fitness programme that even beginners can try!

The goal? Get motivated to work out every day to stay in shape.

Interested? Fantastic! Here are 6 pilates and stretching sessions for this week.

Rules of the game: have fun and respect your limits.

Enjoy your week!

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Week 1 - Breathe and relax :)

Pilates and stretching are good for your health! Let's go :)

  • 01. Mobilize and strengthen your back (16 min)
  • 02. Improve your flexibility (28 min)
  • 03. Strengthen your core (20 min)
  • 04. Evening stretches (16 min)
  • 05. Total-body strengthening (20 min)
  • 06. Wake up your muscles (20 min)

Coach advice

"Remember to stay hydrated during your workout and put on your favourite playlist. Music is a good motivator and can boost your mood!"
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