Toning your entire body

Beginner 6 weeks 2x/week
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This programme is designed for beginners who want to tone up without the need for any equipment.
There are 2 workouts per week for 6 weeks, each lasting 30 minutes.
The aim of each workout is to introduce you to the exercises and understand which part of your body is being worked.
All of these workouts will focus on muscle strengthening. You'll notice that some of them get your heart pumping, but there are no jumps and no impacts.

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Week 1 - FULL BODY

Here is your first week! Take your time to understand and try out the different exercises. You're going to need a mat and a bottle of water.

  • 01. "Test" workout (12 minutes)
  • 02. Upper- and lower-body circuit (23 minutes)

Week 2 - HALF BODY

In this second week, we really cut to the chase. Enjoy!

  • 03. Upper body (24 minutes)
  • 04. Lower body (25 min)

Week 3 - Half body 2

Some exercises will change each week! Take the time to understand them before starting the workout.

  • 05. Upper body (24 minutes)
  • 06. Lower body (26 min)

Week 4 - HALF BODY

It's the final week of the Half Body programme! You can do it!

  • 07. Upper body (34 minutes)
  • 08. Lower body (34 min)

Week 5 - FULL BODY

New exercises for the fifth week! Take the time to try the exercises before launching your workout.

  • 09. Full body (21 minutes)
  • 10. Full body (21 minutes)

Week 6 - Last week!

We're going to repeat two workouts that you've already done so you can see your progress

  • 11. Full body (21 minutes)
  • 12. "Test" workout (12 minutes)

Coach advice

"Welcome to this muscle strengthening programme, which is going to tone your body. In this programme, you're going to progress at your own pace and challenge yourself throughout the sessions. You're going to do two 30-minute workouts per week and can choose the options that push you the most while still being achievable. Each exercise has several options so that you can start with the gentler version and then gradually choose harder ones as you get fitter. The aim is to help you see how much your strength is developing. There'll be a sort of test at the end of the programme when we'll repeat the very first workout so you can see how far you've come. I believe in you, so you should too! Give each session your best shot and you're sure to see the results."
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