Regular: Lose 2-3 kg over 6 weeks

Beginner 6 weeks 3x/week
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We're going to suggest a gradual program so that your muscles and joints get used to exercise.

Over time, you'll become slimmer (before starting the program, remember to measure around your thighs, hips and waist) and then you'll lose weight, between 2-3 kilos.

Ideally, you should train on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays so that your sessions are staggered throughout the week.

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Week 1 - Goal: to run for 30 minutes without stopping.

If you can't run for 20 minutes without stopping, start by following the "run for 20 minutes continuously" program.

  • 01. 20 minutes continuous running
  • 02. 20 minutes continuous running
  • 03. 30 minutes continuous running

Week 2 - Goal: to run for 40 minutes without stopping.

If you can't run for 30 minutes without stopping, start by following the "run for 30 minutes continuously" program.

  • 04. 20 minutes continuous running
  • 05. 30 minutes continuous running
  • 06. 40 minutes continuous running

Week 3 - Goal: to run for 45 minutes without stopping.

If you've followed our advice properly, you should start to see a difference in your shape at the end of the first week.

  • 07. 30 minutes continuous running
  • 08. 40 minutes continuous running
  • 09. 45 minutes continuous running

Week 4 - Goal: to run for 50 minutes without stopping.

The running sections will last for longer and longer. Over the week, you will have clocked up a total of more than two hours running!

  • 10. 40 minutes continuous running
  • 11. 40 minutes continuous running
  • 12. 50 minutes continuous running

Week 5 - Goal: to run for 1 hour without stopping

You will be running for a total of 2 hours 30 minutes this week. Remember you must be able to breathe comfortably and be capable of talking. If you can't, go more slowly.

  • 13. 40 minutes continuous running
  • 14. 50 minutes continuous running
  • 15. Running for 1 hour continuously

Week 6 - Last week of program

It's now 6 weeks since you started looking after yourself, following our running program and dietary advice. See you much better you feel!

  • 16. 50 minutes continuous running
  • 17. Running for 1 hour continuously
  • 18. Running for 1 hour continuously

Coach advice

"This program is aimed at those who want to lose weight and can already run 30 minutes continuously. It's essential to adopt a new lifestyle at the same time, and follow a special hydration and nutrition regime. Follow our nutritional advice and try out some of the recipes, specially designed by our nutritionist, in the ADVICE tab. Over time, the combination of sport and nutrition will help you lose weight and tone up!"
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