Progressing with the Pilates Band

Beginner 4 weeks 7x/week
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Looking to improve your Pilates fundamentals? This routine was made for you!

This complete 4-week programme was designed to help you improve in Pilates with the Pilates Band. It is available in 3 resistances: light, medium and hard.

Working with resistance helps you reach your goals faster. Choose the one that works best for you.

The exercises stay the same and each week, I will offer variations that increase their difficulty, which makes them more effective.

You need to have Decathlon Coach application to launch this program !

Week 1 - Discover exercises with the Pilates Band

Discover Pilates exercises and get familiar with the fundamentals of these movements. Don't worry, workouts in the coming weeks will allow you to increase the intensity. One of the keys to success in Pilates is pre-pilates. This is the breathing work that best prepares you to perform the exercises in the workout. So breathe deeply and take your time.

  • 01. Exercise introduction (8 min)
  • 02. Exercise introduction (8 min)
  • 03. Exercise introduction (8 min)
  • 04. Exercise introduction (8 min)
  • 05. Exercise introduction (8 min)
  • 06. Exercise introduction (8 min)
  • 07. Exercise introduction (8 min)

Week 2 - Discover options with the Pilates Band

It's time for the second week together! In Pilates, quality takes precedence over the difficulty of the movement. Feel free at any time to revert to a lower number of repetitions or to a variation used in the previous week. Remember to maintain a Pilates posture and a neutral pelvis throughout the workout to support your back.

  • 08. Discover more options (9 min)
  • 09. Discover more options (9 min)
  • 10. Discover more options (9 min)
  • 11. Discover more options (9 min)
  • 12. Discover more options (9 min)
  • 13. Discover more options (9 min)
  • 14. Discover more options (9 min)

Week 3 - Progressing with the Pilates Band

You're halfway done! Let's continue on to the third week together. Remember to keep your core engaged throughout the exercises to get the most out of your workout.

  • 15. Progress (10 min)
  • 16. Progress (10 min)
  • 17. Progress (10 min)
  • 18. Progress (10 min)
  • 19. Progress (10 min)
  • 20. Progress (10 min)
  • 21. Progress (10 min)

Week 4 - Mastering the Pilates Band

Once the programme is finished, you can restart it with a higher resistance.

  • 22. Master (10 min)
  • 23. Master (10 min)
  • 24. Master (10 min)
  • 25. Master (10 min)
  • 26. Master (10 min)
  • 27. Master (10 min)
  • 28. Master (10 min)

Coach advice

"What's the goal of this routine? Discover and learn variations of Pilates exercises thanks to the Pilates Band. I recommend working out barefoot to ensure you stay anchored to the ground."
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